Re: A.P. Giannini of the 60s

03/20/04 - posted by John Paul

Never knew that Andy Ferando was a golden gloves boxing champion. I do know that big 6 foot 8 Con Dempsey once was a pitcher for the Pitsburg Pirates.

Here is another thing that I hated about gym class. We had shower checks to make sure everyone took showers. After you took your shower and dried off and gave your towel back to the towel room monitor, you would have to stand naked in line almost crunched together to wait your turn to have the gym teacher check your name off the list. And I often caught the gym teachers taking a peak at our weenies too. I really hated that.

I really wonder if there is any nonmilitary school in all of California or even the entire nation that has or had shower checks.

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