06/21/14 - posted by W.M.
Hello everyone! I had been away from the message boards, podcasts, and website as a whole for the last few months due to some medical issues, so I am playing a lot of "catch-up" about now. Let me just say that Internet service in hospitals/rehab centers really BITES and I'm happy to be home rejoining y'all on here once again.

One thought that came to mind during my absence was the great parades we always attended on Market St when I was a kid. While I understand talking about downtown events doesn't really qualify as an Outsidelands history subject (at least in a location sense), my tie-in is in the form of so many western neighborhood kids/parents made the trip to see the parades.

It's hard to remember them all (or which occasions), but probably the earliest and most vivid parade memory I have is one held after the Giants won the pennant in 1962. We (my sister, brother, & I) always had a great vantage point to view the parades while sitting in the windows above my Father's cigar store on Market near Jones St. I can remember as Willie Mays and Willie McCovey (my heroes) pointed up as they saw us through the window, and they made a point to wave at us as they slowly passed by in their convertible. It warmed my heart to think they gave their special wave meant only for us especially with the hundreds/thousands of other people lining the street.

Other notables I can remember seeing in various parades are Dick Van Dyke (about the time Mary Poppins was released I think) Ronald Reagan, and of course a whole lot of other politicians of the time. I enjoyed the marching bands, floats, Shriners in go-karts, animals, etc.

So, do any of you have any special parade memories to share? If so, I would sure enjoy hearing about them.

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