12/07/14 - posted by James F. Hazel
I lived near 18th Avenue and Geary in 1956 when I was 13 years old. I remember the old "B" Geary Streetcars, Romey's Market, the old traffic signals on 18th and Geary and especially PLAYLAND AT THE BEACH. I would ride the streetcar to Playland on a foggy Saturday afternoon, and stand by the "laughing lady" and watch the people go by. I went to Presidio Junior High. I remember having a Civics teacher named "Mrs Melkonian" and another teacher, a World War I veteran named "Mr. Wilson". The nineteen fifties were a great time to be a kid in San Francisco. It was an innocent age, and except for the cold war with Russia, a very happy and prosperous time. We didn't have the Internet or cell phones then, but it seems that we've lost something. Maybe its our soul.
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