Re: Street names in sidewalks

03/15/15 - posted by John Martini

Our friend Angus McFarland came up with the answer -- imprinting street names was the result of an SF law passed several months BEFORE the big shaker. Here's what he told me:

"According the Chronicle of November 7, 1905, in an article on page 13 column 5 titled "Consider Geary Street Power House" it is reported at the very bottom: AND A BILL WAS FINALLY PASSED PROVIDING FOR THE IMPRESSION OF THE STREET NAMES ON ALL ARTIFICIAL STONE SIDEWALKS HEREAFTER TO BE CONSTRUCTED.

"So, more than 5 months before the Big One, there was a policy/law to imprint street names onto the sidewalks, but inasmuch as it was for newly constructed "artificial stone" sidewalks, I would imagine that not many were actually done before April 18, 1906.

"Even though the policy had been expressed in November, 1905, it definitely was the quake that got the ball rolling."

I hope this helps,

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