07/26/15 - posted by Laurel
My grandparents owned the laundromat on Taraval and it was 11 blocks to the beach. I know this because I used to walk down there and shop in the stores along the way. I was 15 or so and enjoyed a large bag of french fries then went to the zoo and back to the laundromat for the ride to their home. Summer was a real treat in 1956.
When my brother had a broken leg he and I went downtown (he was on crutches) and spent the day window shopping. When dusk caught us we had to jump on a bus and Roger only got 1 leg up when the driver took off. Since the bus was crowded and the driver couldn't see, we all screamed till he let him all the way aboard.
My grandparents had no television so we entertained ourselves with the wind up record player in the basement, and we played chinese checkers in front of the fireplace.
When I was older I was allowed to take a train to Merced in the San Joaquin Valley when it was time for school to start and summer was over.
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