02/29/16 - posted by jb
Watching the Academy Awards last evening, it was hard to miss the length that some go to in displaying style. And how those styles change from year to year. Subtle things like tux lapels and not so subtle things like cleavage and slit skirts.

Personally, I've always enjoyed classic style for clothing and dress much as I did in high school, save for waist and coat size. It seems to be a uniform that is comfortable, rarely in and yet never out. This has saved me bundles over the years, not having the guts, wallet or desire to chase what is in the front windows.

What about you? Did the Summer of Love transform your closet forever, granting you free expression in all aspects,of life? Was disco your sartorial platform? Do you have a style of dress and if so, where did it come from? Pretend you are on the red carpet and to keep this on topic of SF history...waiting for the Muni.

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