Re: 1967 and the Summer of Love

12/13/17 - posted by Terri C

The Summer of Love (and the Beatles before that) made me who I am today. I was 17 that year. The couple of years leading up to it were wonderful...a 14 year old working for Tom Donohue and Bobby Mitchell, hanging out at KYA, Beau Brummels fan club president. Then we moved on to Friday, Saturday and Sunday's at the Fillmore - every weekend. Hanging out at the Dead's house. Fan club president for the Great Society - for one minute. Off to the Haight every day after school. Amazing memories and so much fun.

I also found the Summer of Love exhibit at deYoung a bit underwhelming. The clothes were definitely not those of the "everyday" hippies. Loved the posters though, truly brought back memories - and SO wish I hadn't sold all mine in the 1980's! Particularly enjoyed the nightly light show at Conservatory of Flowers - so wish it was still on - forever!

Thank you San Francisco - I am SO lucky to have been born here!

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