Re: 1967 and the Summer of Love

08/02/17 - posted by KevB

Anyone who was around in them days knows Summer '67 was the END of a very interesting era in SF. As punk high schoolers we had NO idea what was going on but we had seen it evolve, and we too were walking around taking it all in.
Stopped seeing the Dead when I had to pay. I could hear Speedway Meadows concerts from my bedroom window (30th/ Kirkham), a few phone calls, out the door to meet my mates. It was our Park, we knew every trail, path and tree. We renamed Overlook Drive "the Soul Road".
Recommended reading (very short list): Ringolevio by Emmett Grogan, The Dead by Hank Harrison, Season of the Witch by David Talbot. The last book I am reading now...
Feel lucky to be alive.
Saw SoL at DeYoung, interesting; brought back many memories. Must see is the California History Society SoL exhibit. Much more thorough, full of historical background on the scoial and economic forces that converged on/in the Haight Ashbury...
So who recalls the ice cream store: Magnolia Thunderpussy and Barney's Montana Banana ?

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