02/28/19 - posted by Mary-Ann

I don't remember ever getting a ride to or from school except for the very early years before we got to the Richmond District. Those early years were great fun riding in the back of the Army truck with the soldier/guard on built-in steps at the back to Winfield Scott school in the Marina.

But, then at Lafayette, Presidio and Washington it was the six of us pals, rain or shine lugging our books, taking up the whole sidewalk, walking. Later in High School, when I got an after school job at Walt's, I half walked/half ran from Washington, down Balboa to 37th Ave. to get there by 3:30 - and usually made it. I couldn't ask my mother for a ride anyway because she was working. And though my grandma lived with us and drove her own car, It never occurred to me to ask for a ride. Rainy days called for bandanas, raincoats and umbrellas. Somehow we survived. We could leave the pin curls in our bangs until we got to school and then fight for a spot in front of the mirror in the girls' room and comb our hair to look presentable.

We didn't like it much when it rained, but I don't think we thought about it much.
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