Handy Delicatessen

07/13/19 - posted by Nick Karels - nwkarels<at>comcast.net

Let's put Handy Delicatessen in our logs here, please.

Living near 17th and Irving, Handy was "handy" for my grandfather.

He didn't care for Arnie's, famous for the "I bet you can't" big mugs in the window.

He'd walk me down there on Saturday afternoons, one time asking "Got any more Regals in there" (Regal Select)

Back in the late 60s, there was no regular hresheys-nestle candy in there, but some really tasty Cadbury stuff, and a few even more exotic brands. I remember one chocolate orange bar that was rather tasty.

Our dentist, nextdoor to Handy, Plato.was, well....about that.

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