Outside Lands Once Looked Very Different

08/22/19 - posted by Holt Macon

If you could go back in time a million years, you would probably not even recognize the Outside Lands.
As I was walking over Lands End yesterday, I remember reading somewhere, perhaps it was in the History of San Francisco Bay, that San Francisco and the Marin Headlands were once connected. But I don't ever remember anyone doing any studies on that.
I would be interested in knowing how many years ago that occurred and if it changed in one catastrophic event or gradually over time.
It was also stated that the Outside Lands shoreline once went all the way out to the Farallon Islands some 32 miles from ocean beach. And when did that happen?
Strange too, the way the Outside Lands slopes down at 19th avenue. It looks like it might once have been some kind of shoreline at 19th.
At some point this place looked very different.
And if Greenland and other icy lands keep on melting at an accelerated rate every year, who knows what could happen.

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