Re: Outside Lands Once Looked Very Different

08/23/19 - posted by Paul Judge

Tim’s recommendation about viewing the documentary, "Saving the Bay", is excellent.
It is a comprehensive look at the importance of the estuary we live and are sustained by.

Get ye to the library, Green Apple books or your favorite neighborhood bookseller and search for:

“Evolution of the Landscape of the San Francisco Bay Region" by Arthur David Howard 1962 UC Press

“Streetcar to Subduction and Other Plate Tectonic Trips by Public Transport in San Francisco", is from a wonderful guide by the late Clyde Wahrhaftig.
Published by the American Geophysical Union

“Geology of the Golden Gate Headlands"
William P. Elder, National Park Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area Fort Mason, Building 201, San Francisco, CA 94123 of the Golden Gate Headlands Field Guide.pdf

Considered the dean of Bay Area geology Doris Sloan’s book “Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region”, UC Press 2006. Its dense but she ‘hammers it'.
Sloan acknowledges her debt to Clyde Wahrhaftig, “who taught me how to read the landscape.”

For a virtual “Tour of the floor of San Francisco Bay" enjoy this video from the US Geological Survey:

If you watch a baseball game you need to know the players or at least a program, If you view or sail the Golden Gate you should consult a navigation chart, “NOAA Chart 18649 Entrance to San Francisco Bay” in fact. Here it is online to peruse.

Then go check out the US Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model, a working hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta System. The model is in Sausalito on the site of the old WW II Marinship Yard (There’s a very cool museum onsite dedicated to this shipyard. Marinship was one of 11 shipyards during WWII ringing San Francisco Bay that built more ships and vessels than anywhere during anytime in history!). The Bay Model is one of only two hydraulic models built by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the other being the mighty Mississippi River. Computers have made such engineering models obsolete. Go and appreciate that our elected federal officials lobby funds to keep this remarkable public educational resource functioning. The Bay Model is a field trip magnet for students of all ages.

And lets ruin all this science stuff with some poetry:

Serene, indifferent of Fate,
Thou sittest at the Western Gate;
Upon thy heights so lately won
Still slant the banners of the sun;
Thou seest the white seas strike their tents, O Warder of two Continents!
And scornful of the peace that flies
Thy angry winds and sullen skies,
Thou drawest all things, small or great,
To thee, beside the Western Gate.

Bret Harte, San Francisco (From the Sea), 1902

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