Re: Happy Thanksgiving

12/08/19 - posted by jb

A day late and a drumstick short, JohnK, but I thank and return your Thanksgiving wish and sense of bon homme. Please pardon my French but I couldn't resist, seeing your warm greeting posted alone and unanswered.

I recall when this BB was a most-busy intersection, perhaps now bypassed by the digital highways of Facebook and Twitter, both of which I admit to ride with some degree of frequency. Yet, the substance, spirit and civility of WNP village is substantially lacking at these hi-tech ports o' call and I am delighted to see PJ giving CPR to topics of great interest and others finding their way here as well.

Having little to really say never stopped me; however, I seemingly ran out of comments and contributions to the myriad of memories shared and processed here and kind of drifted away with the outgoing tides. Perhaps others felt likewise drawn. I will add that I feel a bit broken hearted by San Francisco's changing face; where I once breathed deeply, I now hold my breath. I feel overshadowed by towering sky-scrapers while pained and embarrassed by the sheer numbers of street people, now seemingly more dangerous than intriguing and engaging. Perhaps what I notice most is a sense of poverty, financial and emotional, to transcend the memories I once cherished, missing that psychic-plaid Pendleton required to face the cold. Then again, maybe I've just grown old and crotchety , my comfort zone shrunk beyond fit like an over-dried pair of 501's.

In any case, it is nice to come visit and see the brilliant and vital work of Dave, Woody and the BoD continue and evolve into a variety of formats with considerable breadth and scope and thank them for their dedication to a job well done.


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