Re: Ghosts of Christmas Past

12/14/19 - posted by Tim Dineen

How sweet it is - and how sweet the memories.

Life has a habit of catching up with us now and again - retirement, a Silver Sneakers gym membership and a really expensive personal trainer, prostate cancer (active surveillance), high blood pressure (taking meds), a bit of a heart condition - and the loss of 50 pounds of unnecessary weight (the gym and personal trainer.)

2019 was a bit rough, but 2020 will see us moving back west - to Vancouver, WA. Close to family in Portland, without the Portland prices. And no state income tax.

And, no... we will not become Seahawks fans.

So here's to the ghosts of Christmas Past - and to the Spirits of Christmases Yet To Come.

May they be healthy and plentiful!

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