Re: Detention

01/16/20 - posted by Paul Judge

Mr. Donohue SI '69, I'm out to sea, lost concerning your reference. Highly suspect your post regards a 'Streetwise' article by your classmate Mr. Frank Dunnigan.

Myself? I suffered frequent 'Detentions' exclusively applied to all my male classmates under the supervision of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. This Mid-Western order of nuns employed a tactic that punishing all the males was somehow s'posed to deliver a message to the individual recalcitrant party 'to shape up'. It proved en masse confusing and counterproductive. Though, it did generate fodder for Confession, "Father, I entertained violent, bad thoughts."

My deliverance was public schooling (Presidio Jr. High & GWHS, June '68) where I traded the requirement to place "JMJ" atop each class assignment for liberation and wider horizons.

Curious about the straight razor from 1855. Cool!

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