11/23/21 - posted by Tim Dineen
... Holiday Time!

It's pretty much my favorite time of the year.

It's also great to be back west with my family. Thursday will be spent with sister Phoebe and brother Mike - and most of their kids - and the one-year-old-today twins!!

We're bringing a turkey, pies, and corn pudding - pie dough is already made and in the 'fridge. Everyone else is bringing appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, more desserts, and Phoebe is doing another turkey and the main items. We do not - nor have we ever - had green bean casserole.

Friday is Turkey Soup Day with turkey sandwiches on squishy white bread. It's the only time we buy it. Tradition!!!

And while the soup cooks, we'll start decorating for Christmas. We have so many decorations it's almost immoral. We're going to figure out what we're going to use in the now-much-smaller home, and have all the kids over next week to sort through and take what they want.

Anything left will be donated. It's amazing what one can collect in a mere 27 years!

If anyone is looking for some fun recipes, I updated the Holiday Cooking section of my recipe website...


Happy Cooking and Happy Holidays!

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