11/29/21 - posted by jb
Frank will need to chime in for clarity; however, I was thinking his mom’s Chex-mix was for Christmas.
And having just frozen-containerized some Turkey chili and Turkey soup, I am no longer in a fowl mood.

Tough time of year for many and sometimes just treading water in this seasonal sea of joy is great forward progress. Covid has given a gut punch to the holiday spirit and sidelined many customs and rituals whose familiarity has long brought us comfort and joy. And it seems that Covid, like influenza, may be a recurring seasonal companion for years to come; there are way too many letters in the Greek alphabet to make me think otherwise and this beast can mutate faster than wind through a duck.

So it’s heartwarming to hear that those of you posting here mustered the warmth and courage to be with others this Thanksgiving, keeping close some caution while throwing prayers to the wind, which I deeply hope will be answered for you and yours.

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