11/24/21 - posted by jb
Nice memories, Tim and yes, hope your post-nasal drip can be at least remedied if not cured. Benadryl will dry it up and make you tired and stupid to boot; hard pass I'm sure. Generic Claritin may be worth a try unless your doctor has a better idea. Those steroid sprays work at times but can give you a serious headache. Enough practicing now without a license.

Glad you mentioned your artificial tree since we scored a Balsam Hill Douglas fir two years ago and it works out great and looks real, given a dash of pine oil to a rag at the base. Not sure of the current supply and prices for trees but I know ours will pay for itself in just 6 more seasons and I plan to live at least that long to be sure we get our money's worth. Time was when you could score a tree on Christmas eve for 50% off...now, they double the prices for those late to the party.

We drove thru SF and dined at the Gold Mirror and while crusing down 19th Ave, saw the lot where we'd get our trees each year for quite some time. Didn't see any of the pink-flocked numbers, the likes of which my sister chose as our last tree purchased there. She won the card draw and really picked a horrendous hunk of timber, so tacky that Santa bypassed our home that year and left his milk and cookies sitting untouched on the mantle. It was a pretty flocked-up Christmas that year. At least she didn't insist on a rotating color wheel to add insult to injury.

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