11/25/21 - posted by Paul Judge
Thank you Tim for motivating us.

Grateful that this Thanksgiving we will be able to gather again with the ‘begets and begots’ of my family. During our last such gathering
in 2019 we were graced with a warm visit from our niece and cousins from Australia.

I’m conjuring some of my childhood memories of this wonderful holiday. I recall an early indication of the approach of Thanksgiving.
Soon after the paper-mache jack-o’ lanterns were packed away some of my older sister’s Girl Scout crafted Thanksgiving table
decorations were placed on the dining room buffet. Perhaps your household had that same ones.
Red apples tacked with tooth pick legs, plaster feet, crayon decorated colored head dress and tail feathers.
A few boughs of fall painted paper cut out leaves were placed at the feet of each turkey.
During my kindergarten career Thanksgiving arts & crafts included drawing the outline of one’s hand then glueing different colored
beans and construction paper cut-outs to form a turkey. These child oriented art decorations spawned great anticipation of the coming
Thanksgiving family gathering.
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