11/26/21 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
I spent TG with a couple who moved up here after spending all of their previous lives in The Bay Area. They have had crowds at many of their events in the past, but with our current plague, they had only me. I felt very honored, had a good time, ate too much, and went home very happy.

Life can be difficult at times, and recent times have been very difficult for me. As: one step forward, two steps back. :-( This year began not so great/cool/encouraging. I kept my faith, hung in there, and things improved to the point where the year is ending as one on the list of top best I've had in my entire life! So, keep on, NEVER give up, wait for the tide to turn, as it eventually will.

I'm working full time again with decent pay (not mega$$$, but better than many other similar jobs), good benefits, ownership, management, and coworkers all wonderful. I'm slowly beginning to return to be back on my feet.

I sincerely say, "Thanks, God. I know I'm under Your protection, and You always take care of me." OK, I'm preaching; just want you to know it works for me. May all of you be as blessed and happy!

One more time (See long ago post): Happy Thankasgiving, Cheryle, wherever you are. (Hope cyberspace connects.)

Thanks for the happy memories, All!
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