12/07/21 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
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Frank Grant wrote about 7 December here until he joined his fellow veterans a few years ago. "Never Forget!" described the event they wanted us to always remember. They always mourned their fellow service members who died on 7 December.

The survivors will all soon be gone. The youngest is 98. I recently read about one who is 101 and, with the help of his family, is attending the 80 anniversary memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Why is this important?

OK. Remember 911? Never Forget one more time? The 101 year old survivor related his involved experience to our experience. Understand now? The innocents, who happened to be there to be killed by circumstances beyond their control, of both occasions? We also mourn and wonder if all those lives were or were not, in vain.

Hatred fueled both attacks, 60 years apart.

How can we stop such hatred? I wish I knew how to stop sacrificing our promising youth--our future--upon the altar of hatred.

Frank, wherever you are, you are thanked and remembered. Also you too, Charles (Frank's brother).

Since no one else chose to comment I elected myself.

Please elect yourself to remember truly innocent victims of all wars.

Thank you!

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