12/16/21 - posted by Holt Macon
Today December 15, it was announced on the PBS news hour that there is grave concern about the Antarctica Thwaites glacier and ice shelf melting in the next five years which would raise the sea levels by 10 feet. That is not even to mention how much the sea levels would rise from the Arctic ice melt.

Is anyone out here concerned?

My question to you all is how much rise in sea level would it take to overflow the Great Highway at high tide, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft?

The other thing is how much extra do sea levels rise during storm surges. And if we combine that with a monthly super high tide, what are we going to get then.

I have seen high tides at ocean beach all the way up to the sand dunes or at the walkway below the cliff house right up to the stairs. Ten feet higher and they would easily flow over the Great Highway. With storm surges at a super high tide it would be even worse.

I am going to go out there more often at high tide during storms to check things out. I'm very concerned.
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