01/10/22 - posted by Tim Dineen
The only thing I can come up with is one of the McAllisters...

"McALLISTER STREET—After the McAllister family, of which Hall McAllister, the distinguished lawyer, was a member.

His father, M. Hall McAllister, was the first United States Circuit Judge of this city, and his brother, Cutler McAllister, the first clerk of the Untied States Circuit Court and afterward a partner of Hall in practicing law.

Another brother was F. Marion McAllister, an Episcopal minister, who had a church about forty years ago south of Market street, near Third.

Another brother, Julian McAllister, was a major in the United States army, ordnance department, and during the Civil War was stationed at Benicia Barracks.

Ward McAllister, another brother, left San Francisco and became well known to the “four hundred” of New York City.

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