01/05/22 - posted by Don Hand
During the 1940s, our family lived on Inverness Ave, at the corner of Sloat Blvd. I was a small child, but I remember that a streetcar line ran down the center of Sloat Blvd., perhaps from St. Francis Circle to the Beach, Zoo, and big Pool. By 1950, the line had been removed.

Can someone confirm my recollection, that it was the "D Line", that ran on Sloat Blvd?

Also, some person in the news was called the "Ding Dong Daddy of the D Line". Was that a case of
bigamy (or, something not easily explained to kids)?

I haven't lived in S.F. for many years, but this subject came up while looking our 1940s era photo album.
Thank you for your help.

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