09/02/15 - posted by Carol
Wow!! Remember? Yes indeed. The St Francis was a huge part of my teen years. I rode there from 1952 thru 1956. Took lessons from Mr. Newton and Mr. Morgan. My favorite horses were Chico, Firefly and Cadet. I rode the #10 Monterey bus to 7th avenue on Saturdays, had my lesson, hung around most of the rest of the day watching other lessons and feeding carrots and apples to the horses. After a year or so I was invited by a kind owner who boarded there to ride their horses after my lesson into the park for exercise. Wonderful times for me. I didn't get my first horse until my husband and I moved to Moss Beach near Half Moon Bay. Had horses from then on until moving out of the area permanently to the Northwest. What great memories from that old place.
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