05/07/24 - posted by jb
Thanks again JQ, your thoughtful,compasion remains the best medicine and to PJ for sharing his heart and pen to keep me alive in the Press here. And Angus for a visit, informative talk and yerba buena bush to heal me and remind me our city wasn’t always San Francisco. Anyone fortunate to talk to Mr. MacFarlane will be wiser by two when finished.

Ok, here is the scoop. Blood pressure and pulse developed orthostatic hypotension and affected my walkering causing extreme exhaustion after a few steps.
So…back to Stanford and guess what? Seems I have developed Large B cell lymphoma. Which sprung up rather rapidly. The good news…it is a common aggressive cancer that responds to chemo therapy which I began on Saturday.

Am I scared? More concerned and I am embracing each day with courage and Comedy; my two most potent weapons and strengths. And, having started collecting dear friends in kindergarten, a wonderful support system around me.

So again, thanks for any thoughts and prayers as I plan to beat this and walk once again, just may take more time but then what else do I have? All the good looks, smarts and money are long gone.😜
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