05/13/24 - posted by jb
Thanks Jo Anne. Ive been laying down the 4-letter blues continuously so maybe god will finally hear us back on the bock.

And thanks Tim. I do feel like I have more rubber round the rim in this life. I’ve longed mourned the various characters who used to hang here and ho much they brought to the table.

The gatherings, lunches and just fun banter seems MIA in many regards here. An absence may be worse than a death because they just drift away,we never knowing if it is a death or maybe our breath that drew them away. I miss Mary Anne with her surprise call on my birthday hers being one day prior. And where did Jewell go?

Seemed when the Hood was well populated families took time and effort to touch bases. Recall Rosie”s clan getting on real close touch and. Getting some comfort here in return.
Maybe we need a comptroller to follow these seemingly missing souls and keep some form of communication.

Ok, I got the Caufield Cancer syndrome but still refuse to quit wondering where the ducks go when Central Park freezes. All thoughts welcomed
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