05/13/24 - posted by jb
Hospital update May 12, 2024

Not sure how far along you may be with my hospital journey so here goes:
Double pneumonia 17 days in ICU 12 on a ventilator.
Rehab is Palo Alto almost killed me by ignoring a severe drug reaction
Taken to Stanford for 10 days where they found a myriad of things wrong for this young, smart and good looking gent
Found severe drug reactions. 6 dermatologist on the job.
Ruled out the killer skin reaction YEA!

Some aging heart but Larry, my bestest friend and retired cardiologist, said that worry was more likely to end me.

At first hospital they discovered CLL a very slow growing cancer. Stanford worked me up and said same after extensive cell studies.
I also have unstable BP AND pulse: 65/58 and heart rate 100-120 when I try to stand up and walk. So I cannot work so hard in PT which is a major bummer for now.

But what do they latch onto at Stanford: LYMPHOMA
-Large cell, type B
Have a pet scan looking like a paint ball shoot out.
Also a bone scan that hurt for weeks and I never recommend.
So I am on chemo with 4 initials I don’t recall since I am leaving all medical stuff to the doctors while I deal with my feelings and emotions
So unlike me; I am acting like George Costanza on Seinfeld episode 2:17Seinfeld: The Opposite (Clip) | TBSYouTube · TBSJul 2, 2014
Seems to be working.

I remain in Pacifica rehab with infusions and transfusions at Stanford since my bone has a new boss we are trying to assassinate a now, fast growing Large B type.

Love, Peace and who would forgive a loan for anyone supporting an anti-American terrorist state blocking legitimate kids going to hard,advanced classes to learn and make a career for themselves?

At least with Viet Nam we all had some skin in the game it being America, we all fought an immoral war. Now, like our troops, students are being spit on just for not supporting a militant group shouting “Death to All Jews? If you get this, go to the head of the class!

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