06/02/24 - posted by Tim Dineen
Jo Anne>>>If I was magically able to return to CA and live in my old neighborhood, I would not.<<<

Ya know... If I could get the old homestead on 46th Avenue, I think I would.

Yes, it has changed considerably, and No, it would not be the same. But I have changed considerably and am not the same, either.

Whenever I head back to SF and see the ocean for the first time making the turn onto the Great Hwy from Skyline, I know I'm home. It's a feeling that is actually kinda hard to explain.

The demographics have changed, the shops have changed... it's all changed. And it hasn't. I intuitively know where I am, how to get somewhere. Familiarity mingles with new surprises around every corner - just as it did when I was a kid.

The San Francisco of my youth no longer exists - but neither does my youth - at least physically; mentally I'm still in Jr High School. We've both grown, both changed - perhaps not always for the better, but the bad parts are definitely outnumbered by the good.

I think San Francisco is still as magical, today, as it ever was.
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