06/12/24 - posted by Tim Dineen
Hi, jb...

Ah, yes... I did have me some fun back in the day... at The Chimney, I cooked lunches in the dining room. I had my own little kitchenette and got to actually talk to the customers - mainly the Manhattan-Drinking-Blue-Haired crowd who I charmed to no end...

The Taylor Brothers were there a lot - tasting the bearnaise and hollandaise sauces at 4:55pm every day - and having them thrown out and redone if they weren't perfect.

Val's was a bit different. Upscale but a bit more laid back. Jeff and Greg Taylor ran the place. I remember Jeff more than Greg. And you're right - Lynette was a looker!

They had a great menu - lots of prime rib and New York steaks - and Liver with bacon and onions and a tongue sandwich that was surprisingly popular. I think the main cook was named Steve - and it was back in the days when customers would send back drinks to the cooks. We were never without a cocktail or two while working!

I haven't been to the new Joe's but my brother goes there fairly often. he likes it - meets up with some old buds now and again...

I remember when my parents were around that they'd say they they were going to take us to Joe's. We'd walk in - without a reservation at 5pm - were told it was a 20 minute wait and my father would spin around in a huff and we'd end up at Lyons up the street. I never could figure out why we just didn't go to Lyons in the first place!

Good memories!
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