06/12/24 - posted by jb
What is left when the fight stops?

My dear neighbors
As many of you may know, I have been battling a textbook full of maladies since the first of the year and I like to believe I’ve met each challenge ferociously and vanished a disease or two.
I’ve not climbed down the rabbit hole, I was pushed, and if there is a bottom, I just may have found it.
There is no battle against toxic chemicals, saturating your body so I decided to return home with Healthcare aids, dear family, and friends and hospice when needed.

Please, know This is the only path that makes sense to me and regretfully we may all be taking it someday. I’d like to think I’ve gotten on this path, supported by some of the dearest friends a man could ask, family one only dreams of and a community I’ve now been a member of for 20 years.

Others have certainly gone before me some leaving goodbye some clues some Touching families who read the stories, understood the connections and let us know the situation with a neighbor’s sad demise.

So OK I will be gone. No more cheers but if by some strange reason, I am granted a death wish is that all of you carry on sharing your experiences, memories, and feelings with one another and keep the neighborhood growing. San Francisco is changed so much that it is nice to have a bit of a nostalgic garden growing in front of our thoughts and memories.
I wish each and every one of you long life, a meaningful life and a productive life and may you have friends all your lives.

Ps: And for God sakes, Mr. Martini, Mr. Judge Mr. Freeman, Mr Dunnigan and Angus, if you see him, go out for lunch. and please grab JoAnne and Nicole ; Maybe time we quit being the old white men we have become😁
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