06/11/24 - posted by jb
Hi Tim
Hope all is good with you and Victor. I was just reading an article on Vals and you chimed in and said you worked both at the red chimney and Vals in the evening. That is so cool to tell. Can’t tell you how many meals I ate at the red chimney, my favorite being that steak on the plank, It was like a hamburger but damn was that good?

At Val’s, martinis and lamb chops I don’t think I ever had anything else except maybe the fried chicken. Ate there with an old-school Buddy lives in Atlanta about a week before they closed just a no brainer. I didn’t know they were in trouble.

I quit going to the remodel Joe’s no matter how nice the men’s room, has been the last couple years, when in town going to Val’s.

Their sister Lynette Taylor, whom you may remember is the coolest thing in school. I had such a hard crush on her. I could barely talk.
Again, I think that is so cool that you cooked and true what I consider to be seminal eateries in

the Daly city Stonestown areas thanks for all the good meals, bro
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