04/15/24 - posted by Paul Judge
Leif’s reference to Frank Dunnigan’s April 2024 Streetwise column: "Take Two Aspirin" in the Western Neighborhoods


provides a sound reminder of things lost and things gained over time. So much activity occurred in the typical neighborhood drug store.
The obvious being that one’s prescriptions could be filled by a familiar and trusted face. But also there would be the canister of film dropped off for development or an envelope paid for with photo prints to look at from last Thanksgiving’s family gathering or the summer vacation up along the Russian River. My older sisters would peruse the cosmetic aisle or browse glamor magazines while I, palming my pocket change, browsed the rack of comic books figuring which to select. Those drug stores of old had a unique fragrance that combined the back room stock with the items displayed in the front aisles. The illustrations displayed in customer view of great moments in medical or pharmaceutical advancement both amused and repelled me at the same time. They provided the same spell of mystery and miracle that the saints in church and catechism did. Like Frank’s title, we were mostly a ’take two aspirin’ family and quit fortunately not in much for else.

I’m certain there are readers here with their own recollections and experience worth sharing. I bet as a retired professional pharmacist, John ‘jb’ Byrne could share accounts how from across the counter he helped to ease the pain and discomfort of the many who’s prescriptions he filled.
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