04/16/24 - posted by Ib
Thanks PJ,
I could paper the BB with stories of yore so please, no more encouragement. Where you really struck a note was mentioning the smell of a pharmacy; ours was Crown Drug in the Westlake Mall.
Whatever emanated from the mysterious opening behind the cabinet (today I know the secret formula) I was subliminally hooked and while some kids sniffed glue across the street at Westlake Park, I was huffing menthol and thymol often added to compounded formulations adding the placebo effect. This is like when meds compounded in red capsules had much better effect than clear gel ones. Seriously, doctors would write OBECALP, (PLACEBO spelt backwards).

What breaks my heart is that many of these local havens of healing sold off to less personable chains. And when DA Gascon opened his “grab, bag and run” policy, these chains often, the closest emporiums available to elderly and house-bound folks, went broke and closed. Count he Walgreens recently out of business in The City. No wonder Amazon is going into the pharmacy business.
I once thought Frank Johnson was too draconian. I don’t today.

Pharmacies where often more than just distributors of medications and played an important role quelling The Covid epidemic without any compensation directly for the pharmacist, rather to the drug company and corporate profits. Personally, I always felt, as did my feet, we had enough to so we did not need to be nurses or physicians as well.

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