06/21/24 - posted by Jo Anne Q
Yes!!! THANK YOU!! So timely, and also so sad that it's a now turned into a tribute to a wonderful man who has gone to his Greater Reward.

Tom O'Toole is a dear friend of mine - yup, from Kindergarten at St. Cecilia's Grammar School in the Parkside (back in the Stone Age...hee hee) right up until this very day! I know he will be delighted to see his story being resurrected in honor of Mr. Mays.

I also had a high school friend who lived three doors away from Mr. Mays home in Forest Hill. I still remember her saying that the neighborhood kids ADORED him, and also that he handed out the very best candy on Halloween!!

Thanks for everything, Mr. Mays, and a "Say hey!" to you...with love.
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