Re: Lawton School

04/06/05 - posted by CathyM

My mother taught at Lawton from about 1968 (?) to retirement in 1994. Her name is Mrs. Saulovich. I went to Ulloa, which was not as stately as Lawton. I used to go with her in late August / early September to help her set up her room. I just loved the hallways and high ceilings. Ulloa is more of a 1950s ranch style school.

I remember Marian Heimsoth, Don Langendorf, Nell Pumphrey, Mr. V, several other names like Annette Schubert and maybe Mrs. Polonakis (something Greek). A couple of my mom's students still write to her.

Miss Clazie was also the itinerant music teacher at Ulloa, and she was the one who told my mother "don't waste your time" with Cathy on the violin. (sigh) I wish I'd stuck with it. I will have to tell my mom that she's still teaching; she will be pleased to hear it.

I yearn for those days when schools had music programs and glee club, and the May Day folk dance festival (we had that at Ulloa, too).

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