Re: Lawton School

10/17/09 - posted by KathyS

It was so great to stumble upon this site and reminisce about Lawton Elementary. I went there in the mid 60's. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Burke. She made me feel so special. I was a "service girl" and learned to play the cello with Mrs. Clazie out in the "bungalows." I befriended many of the students with disabilities. I remember a boy named Ralph and the braille machines in the back of the rooms. I was in the 5th grade when the students from Dudley Stone were bussed there. I met a girl from there who became one of my best friends through junior high. I was thinking about the great hot lunches that were served there for 30 cents and being able to buy an orange bar or a "cho-cho" at the back of the cafeteria during lunch. I also remember the cupcakes with the gumdrops on top and playing kick ball during lunch. At that time the yard was divided into boys and girls sides, except for Fridays when the girls were allowed to go over to the boys'side and play on the chin-up bars. Since we all wore dresses, we had to be a little careful what we did on those flips.Miss Meehan was my sixth grade teacher. She took us to San Francisco to see all the redevelopment of the "new" Embarcadero area. We walked all the way to the Giradelli Chocolate Factory where she treated the whole class to root beer floats. What nice memories.

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