Re: Lawton School

01/23/05 - posted by Gloria

I am a school board member in St. Louis County, Missouri. Last year a family was moving to our district from another part of the country and the administration was not helpful in allowing their daughter with disabilities attend the high school of their choice in our district (we have 4 high schools). Of course, the real estate agent got my name from some of the parents in the district. I had to become involved and it turned out that the girl's father went to Lawton Elementary School in San Francisco. It was quite a coincidence and I was happy to help a fellow San Franciscian do the right thing for his child. Life moves in strange ways and we never know who might enter our lives and for what purpose. Needless to say, I was thrilled that we had a common bond and that I was able to make administration understand the family's reasons for wanting that particular high schooln the administrator in question had never spoken to the parents, but had decided not to sign the application to allow the child to attend the school of choice for the family. My first experience with children with disabilities was when I was a student at Lawton in 1960 and one of girls in my class was blind.

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