Re: Stonestown Mall - More Store Names

02/03/21 - posted by maria

I remember when Stonestown was an out door mall, before the re-build. As a kid, of the 70's and 80's - one stop shopping.

City of Paris at one end and then it was Bullocks, then Nordstroms
Joseph Magnin, Good Guys, then Tower REcords
Roos Atkins
Bruce Barry
Butler Bros
Jon Roberts
Blumms Ice Cream,
Red Chimmney Restaurant BAr/Social lounge,
Blue Rose Coffee Shop,
Create and Barrell,
Casual Corner,
Casual Air,
Chandlers Shoes
Florsheim Shoes
Gallencamp Shoes
Summer adn Kaufman Shoes
Border Books
Courtney stationery
Cadillac Car Dealership,
Devo REcords
Portals to Music
Glee Health Food
QFI Supermarket and then Petrinis
Woolworths and Walgreens.
Golden Venus Health Club.
Lots of Banks.
Selix Tux
Doctor Pet and a aquarium store
Fast Cameras
Brooks Cameras
Wicks n sticks candles
Arlene Francis handbags
Boulevard lamps
Party Props
Warp and Wolf Fabrics
Hair salons, wig salons too!
I thinks Sees Candy is the store that has been there the longest.

I worked at the Emporium when I was 16. They had a restaurant, toy store, pet store, liquor department, smoke store inside, yardage and many other departments that you don't see nowadays. It was the place to be and then when Serramonte and Tanforan were built Stonestown started to go down as people wanted in door warm malls.

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