02/11/05 - posted by Jerry
Was he a grump or a nice guy.... well a nice grump, or a grouch who could be nice... or all of the above. Late 60's, lunchtime, walk down the hill, get a hotdog and whatever to drink, stroll back up thourgh the park (McCoppin?) behind the library, and back to campus by way of the tennis courts. Dave, Steve, Bob, Wang... But back to the question, generally he was nice unless you did something stupid or swore- I seem to recall he didn't care for that and would give you the evil eye. Actually I just think he felt that as an adult he had some duty to make sure we were behaving, and if you were respectful and if he kinda knew you, (required several visits) he would smile and even make some small talk. Were the dogs really good or did we like them 'cause we could walk down and get them...
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