Re: Memories of the Coronet

01/13/21 - posted by Tom Bernard

I remember the Coronet Theater

I was very young when the theater was being constructed but on one day passing it with my mother I saw my father, Angelo Bernard, working on the front sidewalk terrazzo. He worked for American Terrazzo which had a shop just up Geary on Wood St. My father was a terrazzo mechanic, a journeyman craftsman. When the theater was demolished I asked the site foreman for a piece of the terrazzo and he gave it to me. I sliced it into four pieces for myself and my three brothers.

I also remember playing with my friends behind the theater. There were remnants of the brick crypts visible behind the Columbarium. These crypts were from the old Odd Fellows Cemetery. Next to the theater, to the east where the Round Table Pizza is located, was a restaurant named Ferrers. It was owned by the actor Jose Ferrer. It was considered to be very good food.

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