03/07/05 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
The Surf was an "Art" or even a "Beatnic" "Movie house". My family moved to this neighborhood in December 1963. I was not very happy (it seemed so seedy to me, but my parents were happy to actually own their own home), but I enjoyed the Surf. I felt so grown up when I walked down to the Surf, after dinner, after work, to attend the first Beatles Movie (absolutely delightful, it was still a more innocent age for just a little bit longer), and responsibly returned home to begin another day's work at what I considered (and it was) a stupid beginners' job). There are no more neighnorhood movies within walking distance in most neighborhoods anymore; there are multiplexes, and video rentals, but nothing is the same as the visit to the small, often smelly, technically messy little neighborhood "movie house." It's too bad; those who haven't experienced it have no idea they really have missed something!
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