Re: Captain Fortune on KPIX

05/29/08 - posted by Mary-Ann

Am enjoying all the memories of some wonderful kids' TV shows. I particularly enjoyed watching with my little brothers Crusader Rabbit and the characters from Galahad Glen - with the voice(s) of Lucille Blish and I loved Kukla, Fran & Ollie - Howdy Doody, too.

My kids grew up with Romper Room & Captain Kangaroo. Mayor Art was a favorite - the four kids got to go to the show once - an exciting event for them. Only the oldest got to sit in the bleachers, but they all came home with a prize. I wouldn't let them watch The Three Stooges - I had problems enough refereeing without them trying out some of the antics of those three on each other.

The early Mickey Mouse Club was a lot of fun and we were in on the beginning of American Bandstand from Philadelphia.

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