Re: Captain Fortune on KPIX

06/08/11 - posted by Donna Coppel

I can recall the 1950's show on KPIX with Captain Fortune. The program would begin with a scene of walking up the wooden steps of a typical old San Franciscan Victorian house. The steps had decals of shoe prints on them. The Capt had a rather large black long haired cat by the name of "Midnight." The Capt. would put his hands under Midnight's arms and make him stand on his back legs and dance. The look on that cats face was priceless! Midnight would look into the camera with such disgust and he would make me laugh and laugh. The Capt. also had a sheet of plastic sheeting that you could send for and place on your black and white TV screen. Then you could use your color crayons and color in a picture that The Capt. had placed on the screen. Every now and then I would forget to put up my plastic sheeting and I would color the TV screen. Fortunately it was only crayon. It was a great show for kids. No violence or transformers destroying mankind. It was great to be a kid in the 50's!

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