Re: Captain Fortune on KPIX

12/18/12 - posted by Sunset John

Captain Fortune was my favorite KPIX kids show way back in the day, not only for the adventures of Crusader Rabbit and Ragland T. Tiger, but for the Captain's own easy-going personality and imagination. John O'Copper, the pirate who lived in a barrel, was a crusty old charmer, and Peter Abenheim (Captain Fortune) was his long-suffering handler, getting his hand slammed by the barrel-lid at the end of each of O'Copper's segments.
Captain Fortune was a fine hand at drawing, as well as spinning unbelievable tales--two of the stories he related on the show, "Captain Impossible at Sea" and the John O'Copper story, "A Horse With a Horn A-Head" were written, illustrated and published locally and are now collectors' items.
After his stint as the Captain, Peter Abenheim hosted a hobby show on another channel, mostly devoted to fly-it-yourself planes, slot cars and other remote control goodies.

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