Re: Captain Fortune on KPIX

05/28/08 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Thank you for the nod, Paul....I did a bit of googling, and discovered that Jay Ward was involved in the development of our buddy Crusader Rabbit. He, as most of you already know, went on to creating Rocky and Bullwinkle - another favorite of mine. Here's the web address for anyone who is interested:
(By the way, I grew up in the Parkside - 19th & Quintara- and am a proud graduate of St. Cecilia's Class of 1960. Reading all the "My Stories" has brought back a LOT of fond memories! Thank you everyone!
Finally - does anyone remember Mayor Art??? He always ended his show with "I'll be seeing you......" and the kids would yell, "SUBSEQUENTLY!" It was the first Big Word I ever learned...

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