Re: Captain Fortune on KPIX

05/29/08 - posted by PHIL

My dear Jo Anne, do I remember Mayor Art hosted by Art Findley who was later talk show host on KGO 810 AM radio?
I sure do!
Mayor Art would introduce cartoons and perform short skits for the "City Council", about four dozen or so kids sitting in bleachers to the right.
He always wore a a high hat and tails and all the "City Council" would each get their own gray felt hat with their first names marked on the front.
Do you recall his hand puppet sidekick, a bird named Ring- a-Ding who lived in a cuckoo clock and had a tendency to bite the mayor on his nose? Safety tips were also featured, and Mayor Art would advise against such activities because they were "Danger-ROO-so"
Each episode would end with the mayor promising the viewers: "we'll be seeing you" "SUBSEQENTLY" the "City Council" would gleefully finish.

Your friend from the "Finest, the Greatest and the Best".
Phil D.

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