08/05/22 - posted by John Mascitelli
I must be weird, I liked the old zoo better than the new one. I understand what they’re doing, but the new zoo is not any fun to visit, especially for twenty bucks and eleven to park. I mean why fill up the lion fountain with dirt and plant weedy looking wildflowers in it. The animals in the old zoo mostly seemed happy and they were well taken care of, with the exception of the chimp that used to throw it’s shit at people, I miss seeing the balloon sellers and entering through the Sloat Blvd. entrance . I was at the zoo recently and a lot was closed off to the public. I miss the old zoo it was fun. If the kids today only knew the old zoo they wouldn’t like the new one either. You could ride the elephant train. See lions, tigers and bears as well as elephants. I know that teaching people about ecology is important but enough is enough.

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