08/06/22 - posted by Tim Dineen
I still have a Zoo key!

I grew up 2 blocks from the Zoo and we went there all the time. Back in the late '50s and at least early '60s, the Zoo was free. I think it cost a dime to get into Storybook Land, but we would sneak in by climbing over the walkway into the trees and through the fence.

We didn't know any better about animal treatment and thought Monkey Island was cool, would try to entice the ape to throw "dirt", and marveled at the exotic animals.

Playing on the train, trying to make the lions roar in the Lion House, and, in general, just being unsupervised little hoodlums, we had a blast.

Today, it's a much better experience for the animals, but I don't think it's a better experience for the visitors. A family shouldn't have to take out a second mortgage to have a day out.
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