12/08/08 - posted by Mary-Ann
For Nick & Tanya,

Your question came up in March of 2002 and I thought I would bring it forward again. Another posting I came across was "Growing up during the War". There are several others about WWII, all with pretty interesting remembrances.

Me? I was another 10 year old, but not in San Francisco. My dad was regular Army and had participated in the opening of Camp Roberts near Paso Robles. Mother, Grandmother and I had just moved down there in October when housing was completed. On Dec 7th I was playing a game at a friend's house when her mother told me I had better go home because of some news that had come in on the radio. All army personnel reported back to camp immediately and we didn't see or hear from Dad for three days. It was a relief when he came back home - he left for England in May. We returned to San Francisco in June.
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